Productivity, safety, comfort at work, lean management, data networks …

e-lios covers all aspects of your industrial lighting needs.

Energy consumption has a significant impact on climate change. By optimizing the consumption of our utilities, we act to reduce their adverse effects.


Our tradecraft and our mission is to create a common ground between this vital need and the economic interests of business costs so that the energy efficiency is a winning proposal for one and all.


Full Service

e-lios is an independent company from manufactures as well as companies that install lighting systems. This is an intentional strategy because it is best suited for guiding our choices and recommendations in order to guarantee the customer’s specifications are met.


Technology survey is our hallmark: we constantly mine from a wide array of manufacturers and consulting studies to always have the best choice of top products suited to industrial needs.
We recommend only products of impeccable technical and functional quality, and ensure that these products have already been successfully used in applications similar to those of our customers.


We work directly with manufacturers for each of our projects. This approach has the advantage of allowing us to optimize the costs of materials for our clients.
After calculation of the Total Cost of Ownership an e-lios managed project generates a lower cost of 15 to 35% as compared to a traditional supply scheme.

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