A recent extension of controlled lighting, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), uses the network created for lighting as a way for data collection on sites. By adding sensors adapted to the desired use in the luminaires, the lighting network becomes a valuable source of information on the life of the sites.

IIoT – An economic installation

The lighting network is ubiquitous, symetrically installed in space, and powered by electricity. It is therefore the ideal host for an IIoT infrastructure.

The joint installation of the two systems significantly reduces installation costs and limits the proliferation of “specialized” computer networks.
The coupling with the lighting also removes the problem of the power supply of the sensors and makes it possible to avoid the use of batteries in spaces difficult to access.

In terms of investment, the infrastructure cost of IIoT is minimal compared to the cost of a LED lighting system. This makes possible to integrate it under particularly favorable conditions into calculating the return on investment time of the lighting installation.

Online with lean management

Having a network of sensors interacting in real time with infrastructures and employees is a major asset in the search for the efficiency of organizations.

In terms of improving comfort, the precise control of lighting allows everyone to adapt their working environment to their environmental conditions;

In terms of energy efficiency, the IIoT network is the “improved” extension of a traditional lighting control system. It allows a better optimization of uses;

In terms of process efficiency, the data provided by the sensors provides a new vision of the activity. Their operation allows the detection and analysis of “weak signals” and provides an exceptional material for the improvement of the efficiency of the processes.

This new method of documenting processes also enables better communication between the actors involved and thus facilitates the appropriation of actions.

Various and personalizable possibilities

With the great diversity of usable sensors, the applications are innumerable and give the IIoT device all its richness.

Whether indoor or outdoor geolocation, which allows you to track the position of objects in your space, limiting movement in your premises for reasons of safety or security. Measurements of physical parameters (temperature, humidity, pollutants, heat sources, abnormal accelerations, etc …) spread over all your workshops or warehouses, your application necessarily exists in the world of the IIoT.

Of course, it is more than ever essential to surround yourself with a demanding advice for this type of project.
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