e-lios accompanies your optimization projects of lighting from end to end. From initial conception of the project to the extent of the results achieved by your new installation, we are at your side to assist your decision-making process and relieve you of your tedious and time-consuming technical tasks.

Eco-Efficient Strategies for the Deployment of Lighting Systems

Whether it is a single building or a suite of buildings, located or distributed in France, Europe or the world at large, e-lios guides you in a global approach integrating all the aspects impact-ed by the lighting of your sites.

You will benefit from a carefully elaborated renewal of your lighting due to a consistent and balanced strategy, which will allow you to use more efficiently the resources dedicated to your project.

Constant budget shows that such a strategy allows to increase 15 to 20 percent the number of treated sites.

The method consists of:

  • Clearly define your goals and motivations
  • Formalize your specifications
  • Adapt your projects to the typology of your buildings
  • Prioritize and plan your actions
  • Optimize your budgets

Lighting Systems Audits

To achieve improvements is by knowing where we’re coming from, where we’re going, and by which path.
e-lios accompanies you in documenting your decisions at every stage of the process, and mak-ing it so that you benefit from our experience in lighting in an industrial setting.

According to the typologies of the buildings and the priorities you have set, we organize the necessary audits anywhere in the world.

  • We tailor and execute audits thanks to our unique network of specialists
  • We aggregate and analyze the collected data
  • We interpret and synthesize results in clear and pragmatic reports
  • We identify possible solutions to achieve your goals and submit them to you in a comparative table

Operational, pragmatic and reliable, e-lios audits are useful tools that if you so choose are ready for immediate implementation.

Project Management of Lighting Systems

Modern lighting solutions rely heavily on electronic and optical technologies as well as on network communication systems. Implementation of these devices and their associated components requires up-to-date technical and organizational skills.

e-lios accompanies you in the implementation phase of your project to secure its proper development by:

  • We take bids from electricians for the installation and review their offers,
  • We organize the supply logistics for your project to be aligned with the construction schedule,
  • We monitor onsite the technicians throughout the entire process, from the first reception of the materials up to the actual inauguration of the service,
  • We carry out a formal initial inventory of your new installation including the measurements of energy consumption and light produced.

Smart Lighting Systems

In order to optimize the energy efficiency of your lighting system, it is possible to associate several control options:

  • A clock will turn off the luminaires automatically out of working hours, thus overcoming the oversights,
  • Ambient light sensors will automatically reduce the power of your fixtures when natural lighting is sufficient. This functionality can reduce your lighting bill by 10 to 40%.
  • Presence sensors will limit the use of the luminaires when the premises are unoccupied. The possible economy can be very important here too (from 20 to 70% according to the use of the premises).

The possible configurations are multiple, using all or part of these options. Integrated and dimensioned by e-lios during the design of your project, they will increase its efficiency and bring flexibility to your installation which will facilitate future changes to your organization.